Absolute Haitian and Sepro America Offer Integrated Robots to U.S. and Canadian Molders

Absolute Haitian Corporation (Worcester, MA) and Sepro America have agreed to make 3 axis, 5-axis and 6-axis robots built by Sepro available with Haitian and Zhafir plastic

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Absolute Haitian Corporation (Worcester, MA) and Sepro America have agreed to make 3 axis, 5-axis and 6-axis robots built by Sepro available with Haitian and Zhafir plastic injection-molding machines sold in the United States and Canada. All robots will have a user interface based on Sepro’s Visual robot control that is fully integrated and accessible from the IMM operator interface. Absolute Haitian technicians, trained by Sepro, will provide after-sale service.

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To mark the announcement at NPE 2018, one example of this successful IMM/robot integration is on display in the Absolute Haitian booth (#W143). A Zhafir Jenius hybrid machine with an electric injection unit and two-platen clamp (JE6500/3350) is molding an automotive grille, while top-entry part removal is accomplished by a Sepro 5X-35 5-axis servo robot, which combines Sepro’s 3-axis Cartesian design with a 2-axis Stäubli wrist.

The Absolute Haitian-Sepro America agreement is similar to another announced in October 2017. In it, Haitian International Germany (Ebermannsdorf, Germany) and Sepro Group in France agreed to make ‘Haitian by Sepro robots’ and integrated robot controls available on IMMs sold by Haitian International Germany throughout Europe.

More flexibility through integration in production
“This integrated offering gets to heart of the benefits customers will experience with Industry 4.0. It allows customers to select products in a way that makes sense for them, rather than being boxed into single-supplier solutions,” said Glenn Frohring, one of the owners of Absolute Haitian, the exclusive distributor of Haitian and Zhafir equipment in the U.S. and Canada.

“Using what we call ‘Open Integration,’ Sepro is seeking to simplify the operation of robots used in packages with Haitian and Zhafir injection molding equipment throughout North America,” said Jim Healy, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Sepro America. “The easier we can make it for molders to manage their process comprehensively from a single operator station, the more efficient the machine cell’s production will be.”

Sepro uses a single, unified control platform, called Visual, to simplify programming and operation of its entire portfolio of 3-, 5- and 6-axis robots. In integrated IMM/robot solutions provided by Absolute Haitian and Sepro, robot control is integrated into the molding machine control so that the machine operator has access to all control settings and robot data on the IMM control panel.

About Sepro
Sepro was one of the first companies in the world to develop Cartesian beam robots for injection-molding machines, introducing its first CNC controlled “manipulator” in 1981. Today, having equipped more than 33,000 injection-molding machines, Sepro Group is one of the largest independent sellers of robots in the world. Its 3-, 5- and 6-axis servo robots, special-purpose units and complete automation systems, are all supported by the Visual control platform developed by Sepro especially for injection molders. This unique controller is a key component in what the company refers to as ‘Open Integration’ – a collaborative approach to equipment connectivity and interoperability that can be tailored to exactly suit the specific needs of processors and injection-molding OEMs. For Sepro and its customers and partners, “The Future is Wide Open.”

About Absolute Haitian
Absolute Haitian, based in Worcester, Massachusetts, is the exclusive sales and service partner in the U.S. and Canada for Ningbo Haitian Machinery Co., Ltd. based in Ningbo, China. Ningbo Haitian Machinery Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest supplier of plastics injection molding machinery, shipping more than 35,000 machines in 2017. Haitian products are sold in more than 160 countries with machine sizes ranging from 44 to 7,425 U.S. tons of clamp force.

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