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An opportunity in Plastic Recycling

Plastic is very important in our day to day life starting from a pen to being a major part of electronic gadgets including our mobile phones.

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The main objective of Indiaplast2019 is the recycling of plastic. The motive of this exhibition is to spread globle awareness and focus on the need to reduce the extraction of natural raw material, recycling products and reusing them preventing wastage and pollution. Plastic is very important in our day to day life starting from a pen to being a major part of electronic gadgets including our mobile phones.

Today, plastic has been facing a lot of negative criticism for being a threat to the environment. However, recycling plastics can drastically reduce environmental problems and be part of our amazing future. For this main purpose, Indiaplast2019 is introduced which provides just the right platform to show potential in recycling and reusing materials, through the means of quality products including more efficiency in packaging, long lasting durability and customer contentment. Lets also keep in mind that plastic is a wonderful material which is produced without harming the natural habitat such as forest, rivers, etc that might cause wild animals to be harmed or displaced.

We are glad to announce that Indiaplast 2019 has received a confirmed participation from more than 18 countries and Already 90% of the area has been booked. Latest technologies offered by majority of Indian leading brands as well as overseas brands will be displayed here. ‘This universal exhibition calls for an assembly of all Plastics manufacturers and dealers in India and the world to come together and showcase the magnitude of this sector’, stated Mr Cyril Pereira, M.D Triune Exhibitors Pvt Ltd.

Indiaplast2019 is jointly organized by The Plastics Exhibition association of India (PMMAI),the apex body of Indian plastic machinery manufacturers, and Triune Exhibitors Pt. Ltd. (TEPL) hosted at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida  from February 28th  to 4thMarch 4th in association with plastasia. Loaded with magnificent accommodations amenities, the purpose built venue-India Expo Mart, serves as the right platform for this event.

The utilization of plastic has grown rapidly from 14.8 million tonnes in 2016 to 17.8 million tonnes in 2017 around the world with a 2016 financial year up to 100,000 crores.

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Plastic is beneficial in many ways. With its low cost it is used widely used in the packaging industry . India is emerging as a leading hub for Plastics manufacture goods. Being a synthetic material it is malleable and can be moulded into any shape and size. Proper use of plastic and its management by recycling, reusing and proper disposal will aid to keep in check plastic wastage leading to less production of new plastic and more use of recycled plastic.

Conversely, Plastic bags and thermal plastic is banned across countries worldwide which includes India, Austria, Germany, Switzerland. The main aim of this ban is to reduce the proportion of landfill causing pollution around the world.

Plastic isn’t safe in the hands of human if not used well. Loading the environment with plastic waste, instead of recycling, creates a lot of havoc in rivers, seas and landscape damaging the health of the aquatic as well as terrestrial animals. Steps should be taken immediately to prevent damage being done to our natural world.

Its a pleasure to express that Indiaplast has taken the initiative to change the outlook on the plastic industry. Globally emerging as a leading show for Plastics manufacture, the dream is to create plastic economy where products are 100% recyclable and resourceful as long as possible and drop down to minimal wastage. Leading raw material suppliers, finished products manufacturers, Moulds & Dies makers and Recycling & Green solutions will also participate at this world class exhibition centre. India is now ready to embrace these technological changes and explore the latest plastics machineries as per future needs to compete globally.

First time in India, Modern Plastic’s India and Modern Plastic’s Tv have launched a special vanity van which has been travelling across the country for greater exposure in advertisement and to attract audience to partake in this world class Exhibition. Furthermore, the advancement of a new Metro station located near India Expo centre which will make it easier to reach the destination.

To conclude, this event undoubtedly acts a gateway towards a promising future for India. Come and participate of this splendid experience, a place where innovation and opportunity meet.

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