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Ascend Performance Materials, a global leader in the production of specialty plastics, fibers and chemicals, is reaffirming its commitment to supply nitrilotriacetic acid, or NTA, to European customers as other large-scale producers discontinue the sale of NTA products on the continent. Ascend took steps to increase availability of its FlexaTrac™-NTA-100 powder and FlexaTrac-NTA-200 liquid in the region earlier this year.

NTA is a chelating agent often used in household and industrial detergents. Compared to other chelating agents, NTA is more effective and better for the environment.

Ascend increased NTA production at its Chocolate Bayou plant in Alvin, Texas, over the past year and increased supply of FlexaTrac-NTA-100 to Europe. In June, the company announced the production of FlexaTrac-NTA-200 at its facility in Antwerp.

“We have been working to fill critical needs in a number of markets for specialty chemicals,” said Finaly Morrison, vice president of specialty chemicals at Ascend. “Our size and the integration of our supply chain allow us to be a reliable partner to our customers, producing and delivering the specialty chemicals they need to make their products the best in the market.”

“Our team in Antwerp is ready to fill the void left in the NTA market,” said Ben Vaughn, FlexaTrac-NTA product manager. “Since we added FlexaTrac-NTA-200 production capabilities in Europe, we have been able to offer customers a complete solution for their formulation needs.”

Ascend’s specialty chemicals division manufactures FlexaTrac acids and esters, FlexaTram amines and FlexaTril nitriles. The company also offers several signature products, including Hexatran, Hextranol, Prionil and Trinohex.

To learn more about Ascend’s growing line of specialty chemicals, visit or visit the company’s booths at these upcoming trade shows: Specialty & Agro Chemicals America , ISSA Interclean North America  and Coatings Trends & Technologie.

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