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Cincinnati State joins a long list of leading organizations that support efforts to increase sustainability in the graphics communication industry

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading authority in sustainable printing certifications for print manufacturers, has announced Cincinnati State as its newest resource partner. The college joins a growing list of leading brands and organizations that support sustainable printing initiatives.

Cincinnati State has a long history as a supporter of green business. “Our college color is green, so it’s just natural that we would be environmentally conscious in all that we do,” said Gary Walton, Professor Emeritus and Director of Print for BLOC Ministry

Through its sustainability initiatives, Cincinnati State has achieved the following results:

  • Fully transitioning to soybean and water-based inks
  • Developing flexographic and offset plates with plain tap water
  • Recycling paper
  • Buying 95% of supplies from local vendors

This fall, the Cincinnati State Graphic Imaging Technology program celebrates 52 years of graphic arts training. With 1,000 print media companies in the local area alone, the school is eager to raise awareness about the many sustainable opportunities in the printing industry and encourage young adults to consider a career in sustainable print. “Although it can be easy to forget in our digital world, print is still a large industry with plenty of jobs, said Walton. “The print industry is becoming more green, and Cincinnati State is proud to lead the way.”

Cincinnati State says their partnership with SGP is an important part of its sustainability strategy and commitment to green business. As a resource partner, the school will provide support to help more printers achieve SGP Certification and implement best practices for sustainability in their facilities.

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