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Dr. John Hobdell

Technology and Innovation Director, ISC

Huntsman Polyurethanes Division

Huntsman India


Dr. John Hobdell is the Technology and Innovation Director, ISC at Huntsman Polyurethanes Division.

In his current role, Dr. Hobdell manages the full technical continuum for ISC and he is responsible for Technical Service, Product and Application Development and also building the new Global Research team in Mumbai.

Dr. Hobdell joined Huntsman in 1997 as a research scientist in the R&D Laboratories in Everberg, Belgium. His first assignment was to build an entirely new competency in the organization for computer simulation and molecular modeling. In the following years, he has held numerous senior technical management roles, gaining responsibility for analytical chemistry, physical testing, thermoplastic polyurethanes development and the further growth of the computer simulation capabilities.  While spending most of his career in the Polyurethanes division, Dr. Hobdell spent three years in the Advanced Materials division to set-up a new research group.  He also led the technology acquisition and integration of a novel technology for additive fabrication based on MEMS technology and UV curable resins.  In 2007, he moved back into the Polyurethanes Division R&D group to deliver leveraged external funding, cross-industry REACH representation and lead research teams in EU and China, with a particular focus on fibre-reinforced polyurethane matrix materials.

Dr. Hobdell’s academic achievements include MA in Physics and Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University and a PhD in Polymer Materials Science from Cambridge University. He is also the member of the Institute of Physics, London.

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