Husky launches HyPET™ HPP5e – refinement on proven HPP platform that make the industry’s best solution even better

A number of modifications have been made to make HyPET™ HPP5e more robust and reliable.

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Husky Injection Molding Systems, a leading industrial technology provider to the plastics processing community, today announced the launch of its next generation HyPET™ HPP5e system. Building upon the proven industry-leading technology of the HPP platform, HyPET™ HPP5e is the result of significant technology improvements that work together to make the industry’s best system solution even better – delivering better energy savings, system reliability, preform quality and user friendliness.

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“Husky originally launched the HyPET™ HPP5 system as the world’s most productive and fully integrated preform molding solution capable of delivering the most challenging preform applications, without compromising system performance, output or quality,” said Rob Domodossola, Husky’s President of Rigid Packaging. “We have now taken this industry-leading solution to the next level by implementing a number of significant technology improvements that work together to deliver a smarter, more intuitive, more productive system that will increase customer value and competitiveness on multiple levels.”

Adaptive technology delivers energy savings

System intelligence is the key to HyPET™ HPP5e’s ability to intuitively reduce energy consumption, resulting in a considerable decrease in operating costs for customers. At the heart of the platform is an intelligent, adaptive technology that uses feedback from pressure and actuator sensors to determine the optimum pressure required to effectively and efficiently mold every application. This innovative smart system monitors and automatically adjusts for optimal energy consumption without impacting system capability, cycle time or part quality.

Better system robustness and reliability

A number of modifications have been made to make HyPET™ HPP5e more robust and reliable. New conveyor technology significantly reduces preform bounce when parts are ejected from the CoolPik® unit to the exiting conveyor. This bounce reduction results in improved part quality, reduced scrap, more streamlined operation and decreased cycle interruptions. Enhanced mold alignment software supports faster system set-up and troubleshooting. Other advancements include new robot linear bearings to maximize longevity, upgraded Altanium® Inside ICC cards for more integrated, accurate temperature control and a new nozzle shut-off cylinder to promote component longevity.

Streamlined controls promote user friendliness

An evolution of the previous generation system, HyPET™ HPP5e has adopted new intelligent features and real-time control enhancements to simplify operation and optimize the molding process. By integrating more intelligence into the system, operators of all skill levels are able to achieve maximum productivity and part consistency. HMI screen upgrades, software updates and improved EtherCAT diagnostics promote user friendliness, making the system easier to navigate, more convenient to set-up and issues faster to troubleshoot.

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