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 MTM Systems the worldwide leader in plastic trimming equipment is always looking for the next new application of decades or proven technology.  In this case the market needed a NEW N2N trimming machine that can handle neck diameters in excess of 6” AND at high speeds.

The development started with our industry performance proven MTM 742R dual belt spin trimer that is great for necks above 6”, but it’s only capable of trimming them vertically and only single up.

Our all NEW MTM 2225 Horizontal N2N Spin Trimmer will spin trim logs with over 6” necks while exceeding 100 logs per minute.  Our neck finish quality exceeds any other on the market today.Your customers will love this finish!!!

The new MTM 2225 N2N spin trimmer fits in the same small foot print of our single belt MTM 2025, 50” wide and 60” long.  It comes with an infeed chute fully adjustable to fit most log designs.

Our exclusive upper and lower dual drive belt system allows perfect control of the rolling speed and direction the container will roll through the spin trimmer.  This provides the perfect cut.  Our speeds and rotational direction can be controlled via our color touch HMI.

Setup is easy, accurate and repeatable with our new blade holder design.  This allows blade changes without any “readjustments” afterwards.  The blades are pinned in location for exact fit and setup every time.

Our excellent MTM 2025 single belt horizontal spin trimmer is one of the best-selling N2N horizontal available today.  Price, performance and easy setup Ourall NEW MTM 2225 is shaping up to be the best large N2N spin trimmer on the market today.

You will be able to see this breakthrough in technology at this year’s 2018 NPE show at Lectro’s booth number W1831 from May 5th through the 11rd.




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