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Joint Venture being met for the Ultimate Color Neutral Laminated Glass

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“Until now, laminating low-iron glass was challenging because traditional interlayers tend to reduce the neutral, transparent properties of low-iron glass,” says Priya Kalsi, segment market manager with Eastman. “Our new Saflex Crystal Clear interlayer dramatically enhances the aesthetic appearance of Guardian UltraClear low-iron glass when laminated, offering exceptional crisp neutrality and beauty, providing aesthetics that are very similar to monolithic Guardian UltraClear glass. All the traditional benefits of laminated glass remain unchanged, including safety, security and acoustic control. Saflex Crystal Clear PVB interlayer remains virtually undetectable at any visible angle in any light.”

Saflex Crystal Clear and Guardian UltraClear LamiGlass Neutral – The perfect combination of aesthetic and safety.

“This collaboration with Eastman answered a key concern for both companies’ customers in search for an endless need for neutrality and transparency,” says Eric Lassalle, product manager Laminated Glass at Guardian Glass. “Our joint cooperation enabled us to deliver a greatly improved aesthetic appearance when Guardian UltraClear glass is laminated with Saflex Crystal Clear PVB interlayer. Crystal Clear PVB can also be used with various combinations of coatings and surface treatments on Guardian UltraClear glass, making it ideal for a targeted range of high-performance solutions.”

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Guardian UltraClear LamiGlass Neutral can be used in a wide range of applications where brilliant neutrality, high transparency and safety are required. These include:

Interior: Interior Doors / Partitions / Balustrades / Stairs and Railings / Furniture /Retail Shelving / Display Cases / Museum Glazing

Exterior: Cladding / Curtain Walls / Facades / Windows / Skylights / Exterior Doors / Storefront and Shop Windows / / / /

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