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IRVING, Texas – The Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc. (PPI) announced today that it has partnered with RedVector to provide the CEU-style education online course Designing PEX Plumbing Systems to Optimize Performance and Efficiency.

The one-hour course is narrated by Lance MacNevin, P. Eng., director of engineering for PPI’s Building & Construction Division.  It has five learning objectives and advances at the pace of each student.  Topics include properties of PEX tubing and fittings, types of plumbing layouts, designing for optimized performance, installation techniques, and design resources.

The course is approved by the Architectural Institute of America (AIA) for 1.0 Learning Unit HSW (Health, Safety and Welfare), a recognized accreditation.  Students can receive an online certificate.

According to MacNevin, “Part of PPI’s mission is to educate target audiences such as design engineers, builders and plumbing contractors about plastic piping systems, such as PEX.  This online course focuses on the 2nd edition of the Design Guide for Residential PEX Water Supply Plumbing Systems.  We teach students how to use the data in the Guide to optimize design of plumbing systems for peak performance and efficiency.  The course also provides detailed information about PEX plumbing products and explains proper installation techniques.”

PPI is the major trade association representing all segments of the plastic pipe industry.  RedVector is a leading provider of online education content for a wide range of industries including architecture, engineering, construction, mining, and more.  It offers more than a thousand courses for engineers, architects, contractors and other design professionals.

PEX plumbing systems can be installed as Trunk & Branch, Home-run, or Zoned using remote manifolds as shown in this illustration.

About PPI:

The Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc. (PPI) is the major North American trade association representing all segments of the plastic pipe industry and is dedicated to promoting plastic as the materials of choice for pipe and conduit applications.  PPI is the premier technical, engineering and industry knowledge resource publishing data for use in the development and design of plastic pipe and conduit systems.  Additionally, PPI collaborates with industry organizations that set standards for manufacturing practices and installation methods.


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