Reliable demoulding of high-volume injection mouldings

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High-volume, hollow injection mouldings, in particular, are frequently difficult to demould because of the vacuum that develops in the cavity.

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Through its robust construction, the new HASCO air valve Z4913/… guarantees a safe and reliable production process. With targeted venting of the plastic component on the moving half of the mould, the vacuum can be optimally released with the aid of the air valve.

Simple assembly and dismantling in the mounting hole allows rapid and reliable fitting and removal, with the feed tolerance considerably reducing the danger of tilting. Also, the mechanical stroke limitation boosts process reliability.

The air valves can be flexibly positioned and installed to save space. All the components in contact with the melt are made of stainless steel and are resistant to aggressive plastics.

The series, which is suitable for fast runners, can be used for working pressures of 3 – 10 bar and temperatures of up to 250°C maximum.

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