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This partnership will put SACMI in close contact with cutting-edge technology developed by internationally renowned scientists and researchers. The goal? To identify new high-impact solutions for businesses and merge the skill sets of SACMI personnel and MIT researchers

Since 1stMarch 2019 SACMI has been a member of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Industrial Liaison Program. Founded in 1861, MIT is the world’s leading university in the applied industrial research field.

Signed by Paolo Mongardi, President of SACMI Imola, and Karl F. Koster, executive director of MIT corporate relations, this agreement reinforces SACMI’s research role even further. As the President of SACMI Imola, Paolo Mongardi, points out, “this year sees SACMI celebrate its centenary. The company’s growth on international markets has been driven by continuous innovation and has made us a pivotal player on the global plant engineering scene. The partnership with MIT – an agreement pursued by SACMI’s Board of Directors with great determination – aims to boost our innovation-generating capacity even further.”

Thanks to this membership, in fact, SACMI will have access to a whole series of MIT programmes and services concerning applied research in a number of relevant industries. Guided by MIT-designated Program Director, Kenneth Goldman, SACMI will be able to state its needs and areas of interest as regards emerging technologiesand collate/compare information with internationally distinguished scientists working at MIT’s various Faculties and Schools. In perfect keeping with the MIT philosophy, the reason for exploring both the technological and organisational frontiers is to provide SACMI with suggestions for sound solutions that, if implemented, might have a considerable impact on SACMI’S various businesses.

Membership will also allow SACMI personnel to take part in an ongoing programme of conferences and workshops. Moreover, an annual meeting will be held at MIT to focus on strategic planning. To follow, a MIT delegation headed by the Program Director and Faculty members interested in developing joint projects with SACMI will visit the company.

SACMI will also benefit from close contact with MIT’s “start-up community”, a true “innovation ecosystem” made up of over 1,600 emerging businesses. Other opportunities stemming from the partnership include that of sponsoring individual firms or certain business genres to achieve specific technological and strategic development goals.

Lastly, SACMI will be able to involve MIT personnel (students and researchers) not just in overseas research programmes but also in more finely targeted projects via a period of work at SACMI. Analogously, permanent training of team members (of pivotal importance to SACMI, which invests over 23,000 hours a year in learning) can be enhanced by accessing the various Continuous Learning programmes proposed by MIT.

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