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Standardization – a guarantee for sustainable success

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With increasing competitive pressure and especially in economically difficult times, maximum productivity is a crucial success factor. Standardized parts for mold making guarantee sustainable success, as they optimize the entire process chain when used consistently. This already starts with the development, where native CAD data of standard elements with installation spaces is simply implemented in the design using drag and drop. When building an injection molding tool, standard components that are ready for installation can save considerable assembly time.

Standardized parts guarantee an optimal value chain.

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Additional synergies arise from standardization in machining and assembly, as the tools required can be reduced to an absolutely necessary minimum. Apart from these time and cost advantages, the use of standardized components also accelerates the time-to-market, which is of fundamental importance for many new developments in an ever faster world. In plastics processing, standard parts that have been tried and tested a thousand times guarantee maximum production reliability . In the event of planned maintenance, wear and tear or defects, standardized form norms enable quick repairs and reduce downtimes to an absolute minimum .

Shortest downtimes in plastics processing thanks to proven standards

The standardization gives the mold makers additional freedom to concentrate on the design of the cavities and the optimal production properties of the molds and is therefore the guarantee for sustainable success.

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