Clariant Masterbatches Initiative Seeks to Help Make Plastics Packaging More Sustainable.
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As part of a Clariant-wide program to create a more sustainable plastics industry, the Packaging Market Segment within the Masterbatches Business Unit is working to help brand owners and packaging producers realize their objectives for creating packaging that is more environmentally friendly. Clariant’s comprehensive portfolio of additive masterbatches, together with unparalleled in-house expertise and collaboration with other industry organizations, allows them to offer solutions in four important areas:
• Developing packaging that is designed to be highly recyclable
• Making plastics packaging that can be re-used easily
• Supporting use of bio-based polymers
• Increasing acceptance of compostable packaging
“Plastics packaging is a vital resource for brand owners and represents a safe way to deliver products to the consumer in optimal condition,” asserts Alessandro Dulli, Clariant Masterbatches Global Head of Packaging. “Packaging also plays an important role in brand differentiation and brand identity. We must not forget that it is important that industry and consumers work to create a more sustainable packaging model. No single player can achieve these goals alone. They require the collaboration of all stakeholders and that is what we are working toward in this new intiative.”

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