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hubergroup is a traditional family business. With over 255 years of company history, it is rich in experience and know-how. In order to position itself even better for the future, the printing ink manufacturer has taken a number of measures such as a relaunch of its website and further development of the logo. These are now visible and tangible for the customer.

New website with a personal touch
hubergroup has a new online presence. The site is based on a revised corporate design, which is significantly streamlined in its look and thus gives the website a fresher and more modern look.
The dominant colour is reflex blue. As hubergroup is the last big manufacturer of the pigment alkaline blue, the printing ink specialist has given it more weight in the course of the redesigns.
Customers will benefit from the new website, as the newly designed product finder will help them find solutions even more quickly and clearly.

One of the facts that customers appreciate about hubergroup is the intensive, personal contact they have with the company. As a result, the website now features individual contact persons for each country, so that customers worldwide can contact the appropriate competent local advisors directly with their specific requirements.

With the new website, the printing ink manufacturer presents itself in a much more approachable way. The visual language has become more personal and emotional, with hubergroup relying exclusively on its own employee portraits in the design, thus emphasizing authenticity.
To reflect the global nature of a world market leader, the content is available in a large number of national languages of the hubergroup locations and has been optimised for mobile use in line with today’s standards.

Global orientation – also in the logo
The corporate logo is the central element of a brand. It is unique, unmistakable and represents the heart of a company. As hubergroup, with over 30 locations worldwide, continues to grow in an integrated manner across its global footprint, this is also reflected in the new logo. hubergroup is a company that offers its customers around the world consistently high product quality and service standards. The group functions as a unit, which is now also visually represented in the new logo.


About hubergroup:

With 255 years of experience, hubergroup is one of the leading international specialists for solutions and technologies relating to printing inks and printing aids for packaging and commercial printing. The successful family-owned and operated company produces a large part of the key raw materials, such as pigments, binding agents and additives, in their own production facilities in India. In this way, hubergroup can define its own quality and environmental standards and guarantee these to their customers. The company has always been focused on customer success. That is why hubergroup works on innovative solutions, technologies and services every day in order to optimise the value creation in the printing industry and to allow their customers to achieve first-class results. In 2019, the company generated an annual turnover of about € 780 million and employs approximately 3,700 employees worldwide in over 30 countries.

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