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Indiaplast 2019-A Recycling Pavilion

The main aim of Indiaplast-2019 is to raise awareness on recycling of plastic.

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Indiaplast-2019, a gateway into Indian plastics industry, is scheduled to take place from 28th February to 04th March 2019 at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, Delhi. The Show is jointly organized by PMMAI (Plastics Machinery Manufacturers Association of India) and Triune Exhibitors Pvt Ltd.

The main aim of Indiaplast-2019 is to raise awareness on recycling of plastic. It is an outstanding platform to display the potential in recycling and reusing material through the means of quality products that provide more efficiency in packaging, long lasting durability and customer contentment. The objective is to address the hiking issues in the industries with respect to plastic and present beneficial as well as convenient solutions. Moreover, plastic recycling helps to reduce the need to grow or extract natural raw material, reprocess products and reuse them to minimize wastage, hence lowering the environmental hazards.

To be a part of this insightful initiative, over 900 exhibitors from more than 18 countries, will come together along with India’s leading companies such as UFLEX and Neoplast where they will exemplify their solutions live, broadcasting how plastics can be recycled. Over and above, it will enable the visitors to express their views and directly communicate with the exhibitors. It provides an opportunity to help them connect personally not just with one another but also prime machineries and raw material manufacturers. It opens channels to identify business needs, discover opportunities and potential prospects.

To showcase this spectacular event, hosted at Greater Noida-Delhi, no better place than India expo centre would make an excellent venue. It’s just an hour away from the country’s capital, with close connectivity to the Airport, Highway, Railway and Cargo port making it the perfect spot for exhibitors and visitors around the globe to be a part of Indiaplast2019. Along with lavish air-conditioned and carpeted halls it also provides additional comforts – deluxe business lounges, robust security, metro connectivity, mouth-watering delicacies, uninterrupted power supply, parking for 8000+ four wheelers, free Wi-Fi and much more. It’s the best place to mix business with tourism with Taj Mahal at just a 2-hour drive and other tourist attractions.

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In a short span of time, Indian Plastic Industry has the achieved a high growth of plastic around the world. Being a part of innovative inventions, plastic is a boon to the modern industry. It helps in manufacture of endless products making human life much easier, comfortable and well furnished.However, since they are non-biodegradable in nature they do not decay by biological actions of microbes. They remain in the same state as we throw them. Hence, dumps of garbages are created making our cities and soil polluted, which is why the plastic industry faces a lot of criticism today.  Let us keep in mind, every problem has a solution we just have to be creative enough to find it. If we take steps to dispose plastic properly or recycle them right away, it can still serve to revolutionise the future industry.

In fact, according to some scientists, plastic waste could power the cars of the future. Discarded plastic could be used as fuel for cars following a scientific breakthrough that converts it into the chemical hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles create electricity to power the battery and motor by mixing hydrogen and oxygen, which are then chemically fused. The only byproduct is water, making the technology environmentally friendly. The new system can even convert plastic that’s contaminated with food waste and other dirt that are normally impossible to recycle.

Recycling is an issue that is glaring and needs to be addressed on a war footing. Some reports explain how stakeholders have evolved towards a “NEW PLASTIC ECONOMY” with a driving ambition to improve the economy. Creating an effective after-use plastic recycling solutions and biodegradation for targeted applications, it will drastically reduce leakage of plastics into natural systems and other negative externalities.

Now is the time to change our behavior and take responsibilities to enhance the plastic industry. To bring about this transformation, INDIAPLAST 2019 , The Evolved Plastics Exhibitions, is the best global platform to be in – the right place at the right time. As a visitor, come and experience the best a plastic industry can offer.

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