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Indiaplast road show: A huge success!

Plastics Machinery Manufacturers Association of India (PMMAI) and Triune Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd. (TEPL) were the organizers in association with PlastAsia.

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An enchanting road show of ‘INDIAPLAST 2019’ took place on 1stFebruary 2019. The road show occurred at Hotel Holiday Inn, Noida, which was a huge accomplishment. Futhermore, the Plastics Machinery Manufacturers Association of India (PMMAI) and Triune Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd. (TEPL) were the organizers in association with PlastAsia. This  road show was programmed to promote the momentous exhibition forthe  plastic industries which will be hosted at Greater Noida from 28thFebruary to 4thMarch.

Plastics Machinery Manufacturers Association of India (PMMAI) has more than 350 members across country and involves in many machineries and manufacturers. The main objective of the members is to produce world class machinery. Likewise, the Triune Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd. (TEPL) excels in creating high profile, highly targeted industrial exhibitions to establish and maintain business relations and generate new business opportunities. With the Participation of over 18 countries across the world and beyond 900 exhibitors along with 90,000+ business visitors, a large scale area of 72,000+ square meters guarantees an ultimate and wholesome experience of plastic industry. We great contentment we announce that Indiaplast 2019 has received confirmation from most of the participants in India as well as around the globe and almost 95% space is booked. The commodities put on view will include machinery manufactures, raw material manufactures, finish goods, moulds and dyes makers as well as recycling solutions.

Mr Shirish Digvi, Managing Director of Milacron India, the largest producer of injection moulding machines orated a welcome speech to the guests and said, “I am proud to be a part of Indiaplast2019 Road Show. On behalf of the Indiaplast team, it is a great privilege to welcome you all. We had successfully set up 20 road shows across the country till date and this is our 21st road show. I am glad to announce that IndiaPlast 2019 is going to be a world class exhibition in plastic machinery and manufacturers of India and I am very confident that Indiaplast will be a huge success not just in our country but also across the globe.”

Addressing Mr.Sanjay Malik Sabhrawal from Uflex Ltd, who attended this road show event, Mr. Digwi stated, “He is one of the few reasons we have been motivated to attend the exhibition. Gentlemen, we look forward to the opportunity where we will see live demonstrations of machines. Excitingly, there are also possibilities of having one to one conversation with the industry exhibitors and experts where you can learn not only about the machine but also the stages of its’ working process. They are going to travel overseas to help us make the exhibition a memorable one.”

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Speaking about Mr Cyril Pereira, Managing Director of Triune Exhibitor who organised more than 50 exhibitions across the globe, Mr. Digwi pronounced, “We had a prime objective for India and now we have achieved that goal to take India forward.  Needless to say, Indiaplast 2019 made this dream come true. On this 18 months journey, with our first Road Show arising in Mumbai and at the moment, with this road show in Noida, we are confirmed with world class exhibits showcased that india has a bright future. Also, to quickly be a part of this amazing event, it is very easy to register yourselves on our app ‘Indiaplast 2019’, available on IOS and Android smart phones.”

Mr. Sunil Jain of Rajoo Engineers Ltd gave a vote of thanks to the guest who attended the Roadshow. Moreover, he expressed gratitude towards apex presentation, Media Partners-Modern Plastic India, PMMAI and TEPL. He also showed his appreciation towards Ginu Joseph, Anu Chaudhary, as well as Hotel Holiday Inn-for being a great venue.

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